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Coal Energy Drink: Keeps You Running Until It All Runs Out

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UN official urges vegetarian diet to combat climate change

It’s frustrating how often I read “What you can do about global warming”-style articles that don’t mention vegetarianism. So I’m happy that Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is now highlighting meat production’s role in … Continue reading

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Houses with a View

Here’s a nice gallery of houses in majestic natural locales.

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Organic farming could feed the world

Ivette Perfecto of the University of Michigan in the US and her colleagues found that, in developed countries, organic systems on average produce 92% of the yield produced by conventional agriculture. In developing countries, however, organic systems produce 80% more … Continue reading

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Irrational incandescence

The Economist on the most cost-effective ways of cutting carbon emissions.

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Cause Sought As Marshes Turn Into Barren Flats

My friend Sara is in the Globe today, fightin’ the good wetlands fight.

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