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Coal Energy Drink: Keeps You Running Until It All Runs Out

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Stephen Fry wishes GNU a happy birthday

Stephen Fry made an excellent video explaining Free Software and wishing the GNU project a happy 25th birthday.

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The Matrix Vs. Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan fans will love this brilliant mashup of The Matrix with a speech on the nature of matter from Cosmos. Now I know why I liked Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith so much: it was a Sagan homage. [via … Continue reading

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Get Your War On: The Animated Series

The first episode of an animated version of webcomic Get Your War On is out and it looks like it will be great.

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In case you had any qualms about voting for BARACK OBAMA.

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Microsoft Withdraws Bid for Yahoo

мебелимебелиYay! I guess this means Flickr will компютри втора употребаnot be merged with Windows Live Photo Gallery.

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Bush for McCain


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Yahoo and Microsoft

Many people have pointed out that the scary thing about Microsoft potentially buying Yahoo is that Yahoo owns many important web sites (Flickr,,, etc.) and supports many important open source projects (PHP, FreeBSD, YUI, Hadoop, Squid, etc.) I’m … Continue reading

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Scientology’s Really Funny

Jerry O’Connell spoofs the Tom Cruise Scientology video.

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Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video

This Tom Cruise Scientology video is fantastic. He sounds just like his motivational speaker character in Magnolia, only crazier.

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Andy Kaufman on The Midnight Special

Great, now I’m going to be singing “I Trusted You” all day long.

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Doonesbury on Learning in the Age of Google

Doonesbury is excellent today. Why bother learning things in the age of Google? There are much more important things to do.    

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Ditherati is back from its long, long slumber.

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Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats, Hooooo!

Warner Bros. is planning a Thundercats live-action movie. Related: Thundercats outtakes.

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Robert Reich’s Video Blog

In his very funny first video blog, Robert Reich reveals that he dated Hillary Rodham in college.

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