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The Paradox of Backyard Hens

James McWilliams on some problems with keeping backyard chickens. For those without the fortitude to self-slaughter, keeping older hens as companion animals is also an option. This choice, too, has a downside–one that applies to the chickens while they’re laying … Continue reading

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“I’m Vegan” Documentary Shorts

My friend Eric Prescott has posted the first five of his I’m Vegan profiles. Eric traveled the country and filmed interviews with vegans from all walks of life. There are many more to come and they’ll all be on Youtube … Continue reading

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UN official urges vegetarian diet to combat climate change

It’s frustrating how often I read “What you can do about global warming”-style articles that don’t mention vegetarianism. So I’m happy that Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is now highlighting meat production’s role in … Continue reading

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The Danger of the One-Sided Debate

An anti-vegan op-ed piece in the New York Times has received some fairly righteous debunking in an article by the Times’ Public Editor. Rachelle Leesen, a clinical nutritionist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, told me that Planck’s article “was … Continue reading

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Sin City Breakfast Tacos

More celebrity recipes: Robert Rodriguez makes Sin City Breakfast Tacos. The best thing about this is he shows you how to make homemade flour tortillas. Looks time-consuming but well worth it and I bet they go great with Scrambled Tofu.

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Bob Barker’s Vegan Enchilada Bake

Esquire has Bob Barker’s recipe for Vegan Enchilada Bake.

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Some coats may have fur from dogs

The Humane Society purchased and tested 25 coats from major retailers advertised as “faux fur” and found that all of them had fur from dogs. Three coats — from Tommy Hilfiger’s Web site, and a coat from Andrew … Continue reading

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Going Ape

Another take on the Paleolithic diet. Ms Garton looked for inspiration to the plant-based diet of our closest relatives, the apes, and devised a three-day rotating menu of fruit, vegetables, nuts and honey. The prescribed menu was:safe to eat raw;met … Continue reading

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Smarter Kids More Likely To Go Vegetarian

High IQ link to being vegetarian. A Southampton University team found those who were vegetarian by 30 had recorded five IQ points more on average at the age of 10… Researchers said the findings were partly related to better education … Continue reading

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Dutch raise animal rights to new level

In recent parliamentary elections two Animals Rights MPs where elected in the Netherlands. “When I look at animals, they are innocent. We are treating them like they are things, like they are bicycles. That’s not what we have to be … Continue reading

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Vegan Dinner

Vegan Dinner has great-looking vegan recipes three times a week. The reason we chose to begin this website is three-fold. Firstly, the goal is to try 365 new meals in 365 days. Second, to encourage people to lead healthier lives … Continue reading

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Humane Society Seeks New York Foie Gras Ban

The Humane Society is seeking a ban on foie gras production in New York state. They say foie gras violates a New York law against selling food from diseased animals.

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Whole Foods Bans Sale of Live Lobsters

Whole Foods will no longer be selling live lobsters, saying they cannot ensure the creatures are treated with respect and compassion.

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Peter Singer interview

Salon has an interview with Animal Liberation author Peter Singer. So the argument is that this is also an arbitrary stopping place; it’s also a form of discrimination, which I call “speciesism,” that has parallels with racism. I am not … Continue reading

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Paper Says Edible Meat Can be Grown in a Lab on Industrial Scale

Some older news that I found in my link backlog. And, the authors agree, it might take work to convince consumers to eat cultured muscle meat, a product not yet associated with being produced artificially. “On the other hand, cultured … Continue reading

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