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America’s founders would be horrified at this United States of Surveillance

Dan Gillmor: You may believe there’s no possibility of America turning into a thugocracy, that the amassed information – conversations, business dealings, personal health and financial data, media consumption, gun records and so much more – will never be systematically … Continue reading

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Who Pays?

Who Pays? A Distributional Analysis of the Tax System in All 50 States.. The main finding of this report is that virtually every state’s tax system is fundamentally unfair, taking a much greater share of income from middle- and low-income … Continue reading

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Rushkoff on Unemployment

Douglas Rushkoff has a great piece on CNN about whether we ought to view unemployment as a problem. This reminds me of Robert Anton Wilson’s RICH Economy, written thirty years ago and seeming more prescient all the time. America is … Continue reading

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Get Your War On: The Animated Series

The first episode of an animated version of webcomic Get Your War On is out and it looks like it will be great.

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In case you had any qualms about voting for BARACK OBAMA.

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Bush for McCain


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Robert Reich on How to Fix the Budget

You have to give Robert Reich credit for tackling the big problems. Bottom up means giving all Americans what they need to be productive – universal and affordable health coverage, good schools, a chance to attend college, job retraining, affordable … Continue reading

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Mass Adopts OOXML

The Massachusetts Information Technology Department received 460 public comments on its recent policy document which adopted Microsoft’s OOXML format as an acceptable format for state documents. The comments appear to be almost unanimously anti-OOXML, but yesterday the ITD announced that … Continue reading

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2008 Presidential Election Candidates on the Issues

I’m not sure how useful it is to boil down political positions to a series of checks and X’s but I think it’s funny that Ron Paul is against everything except ANWR drilling and border fences.

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Legislators vote to defeat same-sex marriage ban

The Massachusetts State Legislature defeated a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage today. Gay marriage in Massachusetts is now as permanent as it’s going to get, the next election that could have a ban on the state-wide ballot isn’t until 2012. … Continue reading

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Robert Reich’s Video Blog

In his very funny first video blog, Robert Reich reveals that he dated Hillary Rodham in college.

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Menino and the Mooninites

Below is the letter I sent to Mayor Menino regarding the handling of the Mooninite incident. I sent a similar letter to Attorney General Coakley. Dear Mayor Menino, I was disturbed by the overreaction of Boston public safety officials to … Continue reading

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The Democratic Victory: Keep Your Expectations Low

Robert Reich’s assessment of what the new Democratic Congress will try to accomplish is pretty bleak. The only thing I can’t believe here is that Democrats won’t do anything about Iraq. American’s voted the dems in because they are anxious … Continue reading

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Republican Robo-calling Scam

It seems like the political story of the day is automated voter-supression calls that Republicans are making to Democratic voters in states with close Congressional elections. The calls initially sound like they are on behalf of Democratic candidates and some … Continue reading

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Daily Show’s John Hodgman on Net Neutrality

The Daily Show segment with John Hodgman on net neutrality is brilliant, and actually explains the issue pretty well.

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