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Notch: I’m leaving Mojang

“If I ever accidentally make something that seems to gain traction, I’ll probably abandon it immediately.” –Notch

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Sustaining git-annex development

After his successful Kickstarter, Joey Hess is fundraising to continue working on git-annex.

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What I learned from reading the Android user manual

I love my Nexus One Android phone and, in general, I’ve found the user interface to be very intuitive. However, I recently discovered that there’s a 340-page user manual for Android. I decided to read the whole damn thing and … Continue reading

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Memory will be the real performance bottleneck on your VPS

This well-done benchmark comparison of several Virtual Private Server vendors gives me warm and fuzzies that I chose Linode for my new hosting provider. However, the benchmarks chosen mostly test CPU performance and the bottleneck when hosting a dynamic web … Continue reading

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Implementing Markdown with Regular Expressions

Jeff Atwood has a post about something I’m intimately with, implementing a subset of Markdown using regular expressions. After years of tweaking and user contributions, the regexps in the Markdown Vim syntax file are now so complex, even I don’t … Continue reading

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Mark Shuttleworth’s notes on the GNOME Usability Hackfest with some interesting mockups.

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Stephen Fry wishes GNU a happy birthday

Stephen Fry made an excellent video explaining Free Software and wishing the GNU project a happy 25th birthday.

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How to improve Free Software usability

Matthew Paul Thomas is back with an article about why Free Software has poor usability, with concrete suggestions for how to solve the problems. Thomas is an interaction designer who works for Canonical. You might remember his list of 69 … Continue reading

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Dependency Injection and Unit Testing

The Google Testing Blog has one of the clearest explanations I’ve seen of why dependency injection is useful. This got me thinking about how people handle this stuff in dynamic language land and I found Dependency Injection in Ruby and … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition Released

The latest release of Ubuntu Linux has hit the download servers. One of the more exciting aspects of this release is that it contains a new installer that allows Windows users to install inside their Windows hard drive partition without … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Brainstorm

Ubuntu has launched Brainstorm, a Dell Ideastorm-like site where you can post Ubuntu feature requests and vote them up and down.

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Mozilla Messaging

The new Mozilla organization dedicated to developing Thunderbird, Mozilla Messaging, has launched. They will also be developing Lightning, Sunbird, and an IM client, which is all very exciting. I’m using Lightning as my calendar at work now and it is … Continue reading

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Yahoo and Microsoft

Many people have pointed out that the scary thing about Microsoft potentially buying Yahoo is that Yahoo owns many important web sites (Flickr,,, etc.) and supports many important open source projects (PHP, FreeBSD, YUI, Hadoop, Squid, etc.) I’m … Continue reading

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XKCD Attempts High-Signal Chatroom

Randall Monroe of webcomic XKCD came up with a great idea for reducing the noise in the XKCD IRC channel: filter out all sentences that have been spoken in the past. A moderator bot scans two years worth of chat … Continue reading

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Intel leaves OLPC project

As a follow-up to the previous story about the many competitors OLPC has faced, Intel has now left the project and is continuing with its Classmate laptops.

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