The thing that bugs me

The thing that bugs me most about this whole Evolution/Creationism thing is that, once again, the rest of the world is enjoying a good belly laugh at America’s expense.

I graduate in December so

I graduate in December so I have to start thinking about where I want to work. I could work at Entire, which would be nice because there are so many cool people there. Ev and Allison want me to come to Hanover, which is about the nicest place I can think of to live but I don’t know if I’ll find any jobs I like there. There are some interesting companies in Boston, like Ars Digita, but I wouldn’t want to live in the city and commuting would suck. Decisions, decisions…

Meat Stinks

From PETA comes MeatStinks, a nice and in-your-face vegetarian propaganda site. I don’t think I’ll ever join PETA, I mean, they advocate banning animal research, but at least they have good grasp of the miriad reasons for vegetarianism and don’t just harp on the animal rights stuff.

Got Milk

The Got Milk ads have always bothered me because I know milk is such unhealthy stuff. I finally found a decent anti-dairy website. My favorite quote: “I would call milk perhaps the most unhealthful vehicle for calcium that one could possibly imagine, which is the only thing people really drink it for, but whenever you challenge existing dogma… people are resistant.” –Neal Barnard, M.D.