Lee lent me Gil’s

Usagi Lee lent me Gil’s collection of Usagi Yojimbo comics. The stories are simple, classic tales of heroism in a world full of honorless bandits and corrupt lords. The author, Stan Sakai, researches the stories thoroughly and includes fascinating details about medieval Japanese culture and history.

I love my breasts because

I love my breasts because they were never there before. And now, I wake
up in the morning and they look at me in the mirror and say, ‘Hello,
LeeLee!’ I put them away in a shirt, but I always leave a little bit

— ‘Joan of Arc’ Actress LeeLee Sobieski, 17, in Seventeen Magazine [via 0xdeadbeef]

We are all moguls now,

We are all moguls now, pooh-bahs with our hands on the machinery of vast empires. We are retail lords, media masters, forces on Wall Street and in Hollywood. And we don’t even have to put on ties or heels. –Jon Katz in Yahoo Internet Life.

Just finished reading Ender’s Game.

Just finished reading Ender’s Game. I bought it on Tuesday and couldn’t put it down. The checkout girl at the bookstore told me not to start it if I had any work to do. Oh well. The newsnets in the book sound very much like Usenet, I wonder if Card came up with them on his own.