Slashdot is reporting that scientists

Slashdot is reporting that scientists just found six potentially life-supporting planets outside our solar system. The latest issue of Scientific American has an articel outlining techniques that a sufficiently intelligent lifeform could use to prolong its existence indefinitely in a universe that is expanding (and therefore constantly becoming less resource rich). RAW theorizes in The Illuminati Papers that recent life extension advances mean that peopple who are alive today may achieve immortality.

A good rant over on

A good rant over on Flutterby about the Unix command line. I agree that most people would benefit from learning the Unix command line but I also think Unix would benefit from better standardized GUIs. Here are a couple of links indicting the current Linux GUIs. The only way I see this improving is if the Linux Standard Base includes some GUI standards.

“One day I was drying

“One day I was drying myself off by the well. Suddenly, a cascade of blinding golden flashes came down from the sky enveloping my body. Then immediately my body became larger and larger, attaining the size of the entire universe. While overwhelmed by this experience I suddenly realized that one should not think of trying to win. The form of budo must be love. One should live in love.”An interview with O Sensei, where he talks about discovering aikido.