Environmentalism Increasingly Intermingled With Religion.

Environmentalism Increasingly Intermingled With Religion.
“Traditional environmental groups, which have been historically secular, had mixed reactions to their new allies. Many
welcomed their support and fervor, but others were uncomfortable, agreeing with historian Lynn White’s conclusion that a
Judeo-Christian religious tradition that placed man at the center of the universe was at the root of Western exploitation of

Doctors’ Group Loses Bid to

Doctors’ Group Loses Bid to Block Food Guidelines.
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a doctors’ group which advocates a vegetarian diet, is sueing the USDA in an attempt to halt the distribution of the well-known “food pyramid” diagrams. PCRM objects to the listing of dairy products as the primary source of calcium. Ninety percent of Asians, 70 percent of African
Americans and Native Americans, and 15 percent of whites have
difficulty digesting lactose, making dairy a less-than-ideal source of calcium

Earlier I lamented the lack

Earlier I lamented the lack of complete information and good interface on CNN and About.com‘s nutrition pages. Well, check out Roy Walford‘s page. Walford is the UCLA gerontologist researching the effects of a reduced calorie diet on life span. The site includes a decent search interface to the complete USDA nutrition database. You can also download a Windows program to do the search for you.

So, Lucas isn’t releasing Star

<curmudgeon>So, Lucas isn’t releasing Star Wars on DVD because he wants to exploit this exciting medium in the best possible way. The only exciting thing about DVD is better image quality. The cheesy add-ons are about as exciting as enhanced CD. If Lucas really wants to exploit the medium he’ll release the movies, just the movies, right away.</curmudgeon>