Why I stopped being a

I stopped being a vegetarian
from Salon. This is a great article. Sure,
it's anti-vegetarian but the arguments are so lame that it ends up
making vegetarianism look good. It basically boils down to "Yeah,
vegetarianism is better for you and the world than meat eating in
almost every way, but I just didn't feel like it anymore." When the
best argument you can come up with is "But I like meat," you
should probably re-think your decision. Here are some other great

"It was a slippery slope from there." This is a big reason why
I'm a strict vegetarian. It's not enough for me to say I'm going to
eat less meat. If I started letting meat creep into my diet, it
wouldn't be long before I was eating it at every meal.

"Like most vegetarians, I cracked Peter Singer's philosophical
treatise on animal rights, and bought his utilitarian line that if you
don't have to kill animals, and it potentially causes suffering, you
shouldn't do it."
I like this quote because she never refutes
it. Another great reason to not eat meat.

"Then there's the environmental rationale… But the problem
really isn't meat, but too much meat… If Americans just ate less
meat… the problem could be alleviated without giving up meat
That would be great if Americans were eating a lot less
meat, but they're not. In a society that is consuming a dangerous
amount of the world's resources vegetarianism is an effective way of
reducing your impact.

"As for health, if nutritionists are always telling you to 'listen
to your body.'"
Absolutely, people are individuals with different
nutritional needs. If you can't be healthy without meat then so be
it. You'll never know until you try, though.

"How many times had I made a hostess uncomfortable by refusing the main course at a dinner party, lamely saying I'd "eat around it"? I
can't speak for anyone else but I've had the opposite
experience. Vegetarianism is more often a conversation starter than a
source of discomfort.