Comedy! Q: What’s with the


Q: What's with the hyphenated name, if you aren't married?
A: I don't know why this throws people so much. My parents each kept
their own names when they got married - neither of them hyphenated.
My brother, sister, and I were given the hyphenated name of my mom
and dad's last names. It's pretty cool, I think, because I am highly
confident that everyone out there with my last name is related to me.
Q: Okay, but what are you going to do when you get married?
A: First choice, hyphenate half of my name with my husband's name on
the condition that he hyphenates as well. Backup plan, keep my name
and he keeps his.
Q: But, what about if you have kids?
A: They'll get half of my name hyphenated with my husband's last name.
Q: Won't that emotionally scar them?
A: You're an idiot.