On the drive back to

On the drive back to Mass. yesterday I heard People’s Tribune Radio, which appears to be revolutionary radio with a socialist bent. There was a good piece on the masses of new poor created by the globalization and automation of the economy. Sounds like the RICH economy without the minimum income stuff.

I finally managed to see a bad movie last night. Eye of the Beholder is the first one I’ve given less than a 6 to since Outside Providence. Two great actors in a terrible movie.

Ralph Nader Asks the Questions

Ralph Nader Asks the Questions the Candidates Should Be Asked
“…the leaders of both parties in Congress have declined to place the voting records of each member of the House and the Senate on the Internet in easily retrievable fashion. Asking whether the candidates favor this important voter access to their representatives’ actual performance in Congress as opposed to expecting the voters to believe propaganda and sugary slogans might get these records online so they could invigorate the discussion.”

Yes, after everyone agreed with

Yes, after everyone agreed with me about link colors I’ve gone back to standard blue and purple. This is mostly because the brown links looked black on Tom’s new Pavilion. I figure blue is a safe bet to look good everywhere.

Well, almost a week with

Well, almost a week with no updates, how disappointing. Hung out at Lee’s playing D&D and reading his martial arts books almost every night this week. Stayed off the phone during the day so potential employers could call.

Saw Scream 3 last night. I think it was a step up from the last one. You’ll laugh, you’ll jump, you’ll never guess who the killer is.