Which 1GHz PC should I

Which 1GHz PC should I buy?
Before even contemplating buying a machine which uses either the AMD or the Intel
1GHz microprocessor, you should consider very carefully how much cash is involved.
Cash is a technical term in the semiconductor industry and our information is that while
Intel’s Coppermine technology runs at full cash, AMD’s Athlon only runs at one third the

Work update: I spent my

Work update: I spent my first two weeks here completing the training program for IPS and wondering if I was ever going to get assigned to a project. On Wednesday, one of the managers sent out an email asking if anyone could help him with some HTML for a client’s mock-up site for a couple of hours. My officemate, Anatoly, and I volunteered and it turned out he had more like 24 hours-worth of work to do so we spent the next two days helping him out. It was good to have something productive to do but I still don’t have a permanent project.