I think this article is

I think this article is just poorly researched. The mentions just one game, Tomb Raider, as proof that video games have failed to reach the status of art. If he wants epic scope or emotional engagement he should be playing Final Fantasy 7 or Star Control 2.

Tim O’Reilly talks with Jeff

Tim O’Reilly talks with Jeff Bezos about Amazon’s patent lawsuit.
So, we started to ask, isn’t the right way for Amazon to proceed to just keep
out-innovating those big, hostile companies? How can Amazon develop strategic
advantages by what they give away rather than what they try to keep others from
using? How could they become more active in giving back to the innovative
developers who will keep giving back to them?

Before I read this my reaction to the lawsuit was “Boycott!” I’m no longer convinced what Amazon is doing is unethical, it’s just not a smart business move.

I don’t shop online much, anyway. I bought three books at Barnes & Noble stores this weekend (Total Aikido, Yoga, Mind & Body, and Learning GNU Emacs). I need instant gratification. Maybe if overnight shipping were cheaper.