Julia Butterfly bashing. [via Robot

Julia Butterfly bashing. [via Robot Wisdom]

“We were wrong about Julia. She makes it appear as if the tree-sit were her own endeavor when in fact Earth First! organized it, raised the money necessary to make it happen and did all the media contacts that brought public attention to her,” Cherney told The (Santa Rosa) Press Democrat.

<sarcasm>Ah, I’m sorry, so Earth First! lived in a tree for two years, not Julia Butterfly. Now I understand.</sarcasm>

E.O. Wilson: Living in shimmering

E.O. Wilson: Living in shimmering disequilibrium.
The naturalistic view, though, requires that we consider the broader meaning of
the sacred: the deep sense of spirituality about each other and about our
natural environment. And to sacralize, to make sacred, is in my view the end
product of evolution in our moral and aesthetic reasoning. It proceeds from
mere preference and liking, to custom, to ritualization, to law, all the way to
ascribing that behavior or perception to a profoundly important source.

Danny Goldberg of Artemis Records.

Danny Goldberg of Artemis Records.

The most-common category in Washington, however, is the straight-up philistine, epitomized by Lieberman
and his chum William Bennett and much of the Washington press corps and affiliated academics.

Philistines really hate popular culture. The best among them have some idealized notion of ”America” that is
constantly being undercut by actual Americans, the messy, coarse folk who laugh at Farrelly Brothers
movies, watch wrestling and listen to rap music. They really believe that the country would be a more
moral, compassionate place if people didn’t curse so much. I don’t believe that they’re all bad people —
they just have no idea how most normal people experience art or entertainment.

Interesting Gore Vidal interview in

Interesting Gore Vidal interview in Salon.

I don’t see any progressive movement coming from anywhere in the United States. The country is locked up by corporate wealth, by the fact that it’s a totally militarized
society. And there’s not a chance on earth of demilitarizing it under any of the candidates, least of all Ralph Nader, who comes in with no power base. These others have
the backing of corporate America, which owns the country.

No, I haven’t been on

No, I haven’t been on vacation for a week, I’ve just been playing Deus Ex on my new Inspiron in all my free time. However, I am going on vacation in Glacier tomorrow, so you probably won’t hear from me for another week.