Supreme Court hears far-reaching case

Supreme Court hears far-reaching case on the environment.

For the last five years, the Supreme Court has issued a series of rulings chipping away at federal power over states, using the general principle that the commerce clause does not apply to noneconomic activity inside a state’s borders.
The Illinois case concerns a group of local governments that want to build a landfill on about 17 acres of wetlands near Chicago. The Army Corps of Engineers said no, because the land is sometimes used as a stopover for protected migratory birds.

FDA plans to ban poultry

FDA plans to ban poultry antibiotics.
<blockquote<After years of testing, the FDA concluded this year that the health of at least 5,000 Americans is affected each year by the use of these drugs in

These people eat animals that are carrying resistant campylobacter bacteria because the animals were treated with fluoroquinolones. If the bacteria
make people sick and they seek treatment, fluoroquinolones will be far less effective than normal. This could be life-threatening to the elderly, to
children and to people with depressed immune systems.

Oh my. In an interesting

Oh my.

In an interesting content deal, announced yesterday that it has enlisted [Hunter S.] Thompson to post contributions on its new Page 2 section that is scheduled for launch Nov. 6.