Chicken head found in wing

Chicken head found in wing box.

“I kept thinking about my children eating it,” Ortega said.
She said that if she had just let her children dig in, her youngest child who is 5 years old probably would’ve bitten the head without looking at it.

Oh, yeah, cuz eating chicken head is so much more disgusting than eating chicken body.

Blind Man Will Rely on

Blind Man Will Rely on Seeing-Eye Horse.

Why rely on a horse when there are so many
expertly trained dogs out there? Trainers say the
biggest advantage is durability: The average
miniature horse will live to 40, three times longer
than most guide dogs. Also, because of the positions
of their eyes, horses have much wider fields of vision
than dogs, said Burleson, adding that they can see
nearly 350 degrees.

Hard to Swallow. Consider that

Hard to Swallow.

Consider that first commandment of good health: Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. This unquestioned rule is itself a question mark. Most nutritionists have no idea where it comes from. “I can’t even tell you that,” says Barbara Rolls, a nutrition researcher at Pennsylvania State University, “and I’ve written a book on water.”

Excellent Viridian note: Doors of

Excellent Viridian note: Doors of Perception

Traditional homes are poorly engineered and inadequate; they sag, leak and groan. But ultralight architecture such as geodomes, membranes, thin shells and tensegrity structures tends to crumble like a fortune cookie. They degrade suddenly and gracelessly in nonlinear, catastrophic ways. As Stewart Brand points out in his book HOW BUILDINGS LEARN, geodesic domes cannot learn. They do so much with so little that there is nothing left to teach them. They make no provision for organic growth or human messiness. They have a perfect present and no future.

Chinese Cuisine for Longevity. A

Chinese Cuisine for Longevity.

A major study conducted by the Cornell-China-Oxford Project that surveyed more than 10,000 families in mainland China and Taiwan found that they have a significantly lower incidence of certain cancers, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis and other chronic, debilitating diseases.
It seems that their almost vegan diet along with lots of exercise is the reason for their health.