Farming will cause more damage

Farming will cause more damage than global warming

“Tilman and nine other ecologists in the U.S. forecast that over the next 50 years growing populations and an increasing demand for meat will mean the world needs new farmland covering an area the size of the U.S. Meeting this demand will probably see the destruction of ‘the vast majority of the rainforests and savannah grasslands in Latin America and central Africa, which harbour a large portion of the Earth’s biological diversity.'”

Feed the world’s hungry while

Feed the world’s hungry while protecting wildlife
“Based on current trends, the World Conservation Union says, the world will lose half its existing wildlife species by 2050. Wildlife preserves comprise 10 percent of the earth’s land area, but they’re too small and scattered. Their wild species, lacking opportunities for migration and cross-fertilization with outlying populations, are becoming ‘islands of dying biodiversity.’ The World Conservation Union wants farmers to create wildlife habitats on or near their farms, and link those habitats with existing wildlife preserves.”

Zoning crowds out the starter

Zoning crowds out the starter home
“For cities, a large, expensive home also translates into more property-tax revenue. At the same time, estate-type homes are generally purchased by older couples with fewer children living at home, which means fewer expensive public services like schools.” That’s a depressing sentiment.