Some truth on the energy

Some truth on the energy crisis.
“No amount of drilling in Alaska or anywhere else is likely to have any impact on the crisis in California, a product not of fuel shortages but of a half-baked attempt at deregulation. Almost none of the electricity in California is produced by oil, Byrne notes. Mostly it’s from natural gas, more than 80% of which is produced domestically.”

Reader mail: Dear Sir, Our

Reader mail:

Dear Sir,
Our new site where you can buy and sell plastic raw materials is on-line now. Especially designed for the Turkish market, traders and producers who have an interest in the 1,500,000 mt pa market will find our site extremely convenient. No charges will be applied to post and first ten deals will be free of our minimized 0,50 usd/mt commission. Regards...

Philip K. Dick: Marxist literary

Philip K. Dick: Marxist literary critics are following me!
“With them, besides a lot of good liquor and a pretty girl, they brought at least three complex Marxist philosophical theses on my novels… We had then a one-hour furious polemical debate in three languages, plus assorted Greek and Latin technical terms, after which they accused my tastes of being ‘in favor of God’ as well as ‘right-wing fascist propaganda’ and then departed, leaving their liquor behind (they did take the girl with them, though).”