More veggie stuff: People, not

More veggie stuff: People, not technology, are the key to ending hunger.
“We’re shrinking the world’s food supply for one reason: The hundreds of millions of people who go hungry cannot create a sufficient ‘market demand’ for the fruits of the Earth. So more and more of it flows into the mouths of livestock, which convert it into what the better-off can afford. Corn becomes filet mignon. Sardines become salmon.”

“Judith Scott, a fifty-five year

Judith Scott, a fifty-five year old woman with Down’s syndrome, has spent the last ten years producing a series of totally non-functional objects which, to us, appear to be works of sculpture, except that the notion of sculpture is far beyond her understanding. As well as being mentally handicapped, Judith cannot hear or speak, and she has little concept of language.”

In pig farming, growing concern

In pig farming, growing concern
“‘Animal producers will never convince the public that they care about their animals if they house them in stalls where they can’t turn around for months,’ said David Fraser of the University of British Columbia…
‘I’m not saying the alternatives are necessarily better, but this particular technology does not fit with many values of animal treatment, and the . . . behaviors illustrate why.'”