John Perry Barlow: “Within a

John Perry Barlow: “Within a few hours, we will see beginning the most vigorous efforts
to end what remains of freedom in America. Those of who are willing
to sacrifice a little – largely illusory – safety in order to
maintain our faith in the original ideals of America will have to
fight for those ideals just as vigorously.”

My project manager was in

My project manager was in NYC this week along with some other coworkers. Their hotel was about 200 feet from the World Trade Center. Luckily they were a little further away (55 Water Street) when the planes hit. They were on the streets about 12 blocks away when the second tower collapsed. The scene was pretty much as you would expect: a wall of smoke and dust rushing down the streets, a rain of office paper, panicking people. Everybody in that group is OK but I have one coworker in the city who is still unaccounted for. [Update: She’s fine.]

The Onion A.V. Club interviews

The Onion A.V. Club interviews Joss Whedon.
“I designed the show to create that strong reaction. I designed Buffy to be an icon, to be an emotional experience, to be loved in a way that other shows can’t be loved… I wanted people to embrace it in a way that exists beyond, ‘Oh, that was a wonderful show about lawyers, let’s have dinner.'”