So, Red Hat is cracking

So, Red Hat is cracking
on cheap CD sites and telling them that they can no longer put the
name "Red Hat" on CDs containing Red Hat Linux. I think these sites should get
together and come up with a code name for Red Hat Linux like "BoneHead Linux"
or "Bob Young is a Greedy Bastard Linux". I understand evhead's point that commercial software
companies need to protect their trademarks and the reputation of their products
but the game changes when you're selling a GPLed product. CDs with Red Hat
Linux on them are riddled with references to Red Hat. I can tell my CDs have
Red Hat on them because the first line of the README file says "Red Hat
Linux/Intel 7.1 (Seawolf)". If writing Red Hat on the CD is a trademark
violation, then so is distributing an unlabelled CD with that README file on
it. If Red Hat says that I can't redistribute Red Hat Linux in its current
form, then that's a violation of the GPL. I certainly hope Red Hat comes to its
senses and I certainly hope the next version of the GPL addresses this issue