Silly thought for the day

My brother commented a few weeks ago that all he really wanted to watch on TV was the NASA channel. I said they should build a big arm on the space station with a camera on the end so you can see the whole structure with the Earth revolving below. We both agreed that they really need a techno soundtrack like The Orb or, better yet, Orbital. Can’t you just see this with A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld playing in the background?

Eating meat tied to cancer

Eating meat tied to cancer risk
“Limiting consumption of meat is clearly a good idea, whether ‘white’ or red. A recent study found that the average American diet gets more HCAs from chicken than red meat. Follow AICR’s advice to cook meat at lower temperatures (baking, microwaving), and follow a mostly plant-based diet that keeps meat portions modest and focuses on the vegetables, fruits and whole grains that protect our health.”