Today’s Netflix IPO went pretty

Today’s Netflix IPO went pretty well. Netflix just got a whole lot better for me because they opened up a location in Worcester, Massachusetts. I now have overnight shipping times to Netflix, I put two movies in the mail on Monday and had two new ones on Wednesday.

[Warning: small Episode II spoiler]

[Warning: small Episode II spoiler] If anyone comes across a nice high-res capture of that shot from Send in the Clones with Boba Fett holding his dad’s head, let me know. I’d even buy a poster or print of it.

That reminds me, why isn’t there an online marketplace for digital imagery? I’m constantly seeing photos and artwork and shots from movies and thinking I would gladly pay for a nice high-res version of that, but it just isn’t available. Are these sites out there and I don’t know about them? As it is I don’t think I’ll have my Boba Fett wallpaper until the DVD comes out.

Well, I just got back

Well, I just got back from Send in the Clones and I’m quite happy. I’m pretty much in total agreement with CmdrTaco’s review, although I wouldn’t go so hard on the acting and for me it felt like a Star Wars film from the get go. The romance scenes were laughably bad (literally, the audience laughed through all of them) but other than that, Lucas seems to be back in form. I’m still going to refer to it as Send in the Clones, though.

Butt-kicking for goodness!

whooshBy the way, here’s why I haven’t been posting: Baldur’s Gate II. Give me another week and I should be done, and I’ll have nothing to do until Neverwinter Nights comes out.