SEVIS Troubles

Pretty good article in the Globe about SEVIS, the new INS system that I write software to help colleges use.

As of today, any time a foreign student drops a course, gets a part-time job, takes a medical leave, or changes his or her address, the school will have to file a report on SEVIS. Depending on their country of origin, some students may need to file with SEVIS if they leave and reenter the United States. And all incoming foreign students will need to be registered with SEVIS before they can receive a visa.

INS just announced a 15-day grace period so schools have a little more time.


I was pretty sure that the Bush African AIDS money would come with strings attached disallowing condom distribution and requiring abstinence-only education, but apparently that’s not the case. It will be interesting to see where the money actually goes.

Work that brain

Keeping your mind fit.
“A new study, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, says three areas of the brain that are adversely affected by aging stay in better shape when a person keeps their body physically fit.”

Food fight!

Health Groups Sour Over New Dairy Campaign.
Copying the National Cancer Institute’s “5 A Day” vegetable campaign, the National Dairy Council has intruduced the “3-A-Day” campaign. The “5 A Day” folks aren’t happy and want the new program ended:

“From a Cancer Society perspective, our biggest issue is probably that they have this campaign going that is not doing much to promote low-fat or fat-free dairy products,” says Colleen Doyle, a registered dietitian who serves as nutrition and physical activity director for the American Cancer Society.

“The recipes on the [3-A-Day] Web site include low-fat and reduced-fat,” she says. “We really don’t have any issue with the fact that they are promoting dairy products, but we wish there had been a [stronger] low-fat message. With cancer and heart disease rates so high, it would have been desirable to see that message as a primary message of the campaign.”