Food fight!

Health Groups Sour Over New Dairy Campaign.
Copying the National Cancer Institute's "5 A Day" vegetable campaign, the National Dairy Council has intruduced the "3-A-Day" campaign. The "5 A Day" folks aren't happy and want the new program ended:

"From a Cancer Society perspective, our biggest issue is probably that they have this campaign going that is not doing much to promote low-fat or fat-free dairy products," says Colleen Doyle, a registered dietitian who serves as nutrition and physical activity director for the American Cancer Society.

"The recipes on the [3-A-Day] Web site include low-fat and reduced-fat," she says. "We really don't have any issue with the fact that they are promoting dairy products, but we wish there had been a [stronger] low-fat message. With cancer and heart disease rates so high, it would have been desirable to see that message as a primary message of the campaign."