I’m a bright

Richard Dawkins talks about bright, a new coinage intended to for the non-religious what gay did for homosexuals.

I am a bright. You are (quite probably) a bright. Most of the people I know are brights. The majority of scientists are brights. Presumably there are lots of closet brights in Congress, but they dare not come out. Notice from these examples that the word is a noun, not an adjective. We brights are not claiming to be bright (meaning clever, intelligent), any more than gays claim to be gay (meaning joyful, carefree).

Krugman on CalPundit

A good interview with Paul Krugman. Conducted by a blogger, no less.

Train wreck is a way overused metaphor, but we’re headed for some kind of collision, and there are three things that can happen. Just by the arithmetic, you can either have big tax increases, roll back the whole Bush program plus some; or you can sharply cut Medicare and Social Security, because that’s where the money is; or the U.S. just tootles along until we actually have a financial crisis where the marginal buyer of U.S. treasury bills, which is actually the Reserve Bank of China, says, we don’t trust these guys anymore — and we turn into Argentina. All three of those are clearly impossible, and yet one of them has to happen, so, your choice. Which one?

Exodus of the Geeks

From Eat the State.

And when The Guru came down from the mountain with her shining CD containing the GPL, she saw the Geeks partying and drinking and dancing like Wall Streeters around their golden stock option. And she was wrought with anger and erased the shining CD with the GPL. Then the Guru called out, who among the Geeks will stand by me and the programmers who are free, and who will return to serfdom?

Google filesharing

Interesting article on Lawmeme on why Google will win the filesharing wars if some sort of compulsory licensing scheme is adopted. The only thing in the article I disagree with is the inevitability of all but one of the P2P companies going bankrupt. None of the current companies have gone out of business despite Kazaa’s dominance, and that’s without the added revenue that compulsory licensing would bring. Certainly there will be a dominant network but there’s no reason several companies can’t share a network, as is the case with Gnutella.

Petition against RIAA

The EFF has launched a petition to Congress protesting the RIAA’s recent behavior. Go sign it.

We oppose the recording industry’s decision to attack the public, bankrupt its customers and offer false amnesty to those who would impugn themselves. We call instead for a real amnesty: the development of a legal alternative that preserves file-sharing technology while ensuring that artists are fairly compensated.