Piracy Deterrence and Education Act

Oppose the Piracy Deterrence and Education Act!

You may not agree with the recording industry's war on file sharing, but under the Piracy Deterrence and Education Act (PDEA, HR 4077), you'd still have to pay for it. The PDEA would create the first criminal copyright penalties for people who aren't engaged in willful criminal conduct. Under the law's murky "negligence" standard, a person with 1,000 legally obtained songs could be sent to jail for three years if she fails to lock them up tight enough – and that's only for the first offense. In addition, the PDEA would force the government to push a lopsided "education" campaign that demonizes P2P while failing to mention your rights to use copyrighted material. To top it off, all of this would be funded with your tax dollars. Tell Congress to reject the PDEA and explore solutions that pay artists rather than punish people.