Linus didn’t invent Linux

The Alexis de Toqueville Institution, which receives funding from Microsoft, has released a study claiming that Linus Torvahlds didn’t invent Linux after all. Comedy!

>Their press release provides no proof, no facts, no details, but it claims the author, the head of the Institution, Ken Brown, did extensive interviews with Richard Stallman, Dennis Ritchie, and Andrew Tanenbaum before discovering Linux’s “questionable” roots. Linus, unbeknownst to us, is not the man of integrity we know him to have proven himself to be. Instead, I gather they mean to say he is a common thief, or so the Institution hints, who stole from UNIX. Because they provide no explanation, beyond the hints, we are compelled to draw the conclusion that this is what they seem to mean.

Freedom 0

Mark Pilgrim puts his finger on the problem with Movable Type 3.0.

>Freedom 0 is the freedom to run the program, for any purpose. WordPress gives me that freedom; Movable Type does not. It never really did, but it was free enough so we all looked the other way, myself included. But Movable Type 3.0 changes the rules, and prices me right out of the market. I do not have the freedom to run the program for any purpose; I only have the limited set of freedoms that Six Apart chooses to bestow upon me, and every new version seems to bestow fewer and fewer freedoms. With Movable Type 2.6, I was allowed to run 11 sites. In 3.0, that right will cost me $535.

Movable Type licensing

Six Apart has announced a new, very pricey, licensing scheme for Movable Type. There’s still a free version that seems like it should meet most individual bloggers’ needs but the Trackback comments appear to be almost entirely negative. I wouldn’t be suprised if Six Apart has to significantly modify the terms to prevent a mass exodus. I’ll be switching to WordPress this weekend since I’ve been looking for an open source tool anyway.