I’ve finally gotten around to checking out Flickr and it’s very promising. It actually has everything I’ve been looking for in a photo site. The one thing all of the others seemed to be missing was the ability to view your photos at full resolution. I’ve made a few of my photos public, if you know me and want an invite to see the rest of them, drop me a line.

Grokster wins

Grokster has defeated MGM’s appeal and peer-to-peer filesharing now has a bit more legal standing. EFF has a nice summary of the decision.

The Pixies Get Their Act Together

NYTimes on the Pixies reunion tour.

It wasn’t just the shows in smaller venues that sold so briskly; more than 50,000 tickets were snapped up for the Pixies’ day at the Coachella festival, and theaters around the United States have quickly sold out for multiple dates. The Pixies were to perform at the New York stop of the Lollapalooza Festival this month, which had already sold 11,000 tickets when the entire tour was canceled. Instead, they will have New York dates on Dec. 12 and 13 at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Meanwhile, the company DiscLive has been offering instant live recordings of every concert by the reunited group. Those CD’s, in numbered limited editions of 1,000 or 2,000, are selling out, too, and turning into instant collectors’ items available for handsome mark-up on eBay.

Real People

You can vote on MoveOn PAC’s Errol Morris-directed Real People anti-Bush ads. The winners will be run during the Republican National Convention.