It’s Not So Hard to Switch to a Vegan Diet

A new study finds that going vegan is easy.

To investigate how people would cope with a switch to an all-vegan diet, Barnard and his team asked half of 64 overweight women to try a low-fat form of the diet — one that excluded all animal products, nuts, avocados and other fatty fare — for 14 weeks. The rest of the women ate a standard low-fat diet that included animal products.

There was[sic] no limits placed on calories or portion size, and people could eat allowed desserts as often as they liked. Vegan participants also took a supplement of vitamin B-12, which is naturally found in animal products…

After 14 weeks, 93 percent of vegan eaters said the diet was good, moderately good or extremely good, and 79 percent rated the diet as “acceptable.” Almost 90 percent said they planned to continue the diet after the experiment, the authors report in the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation.

Norman Mailer and John Buffalo Mailer

New York Metro has a conversation between Norman Mailer and his son, John Buffalo Mailer.

The real story was in the faces. All those faces on the Bush team. What you saw was the spiritual emptiness of those people. Bush has one of the emptiest faces in America. He looks to have no more depth than spit on a rock. It could be that the most incisive personal crime committed by George Bush is that he probably never said to himself, “I don’t deserve to be president.” You just can’t trust a man who’s never been embarrassed by himself. The vanity of George W. stands out with every smirk. He literally cannot control that vanity. It seeps out of every movement of his lips, it squeezes through every tight-lipped grimace. Every grin is a study in smugsmanship.

Michael Tiemann on the role of Fedora

Jon Udell has posted a good hunk of Red Hat VP Michael Tiemann’s talk at OSCON on the future of Fedora. This makes me feel even better about Fedora. Red Hat seems to have gotten just about everything right with Fedora. It’s more Free than SUSE and Mandrake, has a reasonable release schedule unlike Debian and Slackware, and the repository system provides a huge amount of easy to install software. Now, if only they could get that CVS server up.