In Defense of Arnold

Rafe Colburn doesn’t like the idea of amending the Constitution so Arnold Schwarzenegger can be elected president. Personally, I’m all for it. The amending the Constitution part, anyway. It’s a ridiculous requirement and we ought to get rid of it. I also wouldn’t be terribly upset if Arnold was elected, he’s exactly the sort of moderate republican liberals should like. I’d much rather have a Schwarzenegger or a McCain in office than a Bush or a Reagan.

Plus, the proper way to get revenge in case the Constitution is amended and Schwarzenegger is elected is to elect Arianna Huffington 😉

2 thoughts on “In Defense of Arnold”

  1. I’m not opposed to the amendment per se, and if Schwarzenegger came out in favor of the amendment but declined to run for President himself, I’d think of him as somewhat heroic.

    As it is, he lost all of my respect as a politician when he back doored into the governorship via the recall election. If he had the guts to run for governor the year when Gray Davis was reelected, I would have thought more of him.

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