Questions for the DNC chair

MoveOn PAC is soliciting questions for the candidates for chair of the Democratic National Committee and the top rated questions are really fantastic. I think this points to the real problem with the Democratic Party: these average citizens are stating Democratic ideals far more eloquently than any Democratic politicians are (with the possible exceptions of Howard Dean and Robert Byrd).

If the Democratic party came out courageously with a platform based on real principles — of economic and social justice, equal access to high-quality education and health care, protection of civil liberties and individual rights, respect for international law, true diplomacy based not on narrow self-interest but the will and welfare of the global community — citizens from all over the political spectrum would come running.

The problem has been that in trying to appeal to all, the party has lost its content and its courage.

Could you return the party to a position of real moral and social leadership?

On the other hand, if the Democratic communication still sucks, the agenda is actually pretty good.