Rhapsody Featured Mix Archive

Rhapsody has a neat feature where they create a new themed mix every week call the Rhapsody Featured Mix. Unfortunately, you can only see the most recent mix and there is no archive. So I’ve decided to create a Rhapsody Featured Mix Archive here on the blog. I’ve created a new category in WordPress called “Rhapsody Featured Mix” and I will post the Rhapsody mix to it when it comes out, usually on Tuesday. I’ll also post the 40 or so older Featured Mixes I happened to have saved. You can access the category with this link, and you can even get an RSS feed of the category with this link. I will now spam the blog with my collection of mixes.

IBM Gives FOSS Free Access to 500 Patents

This is huge news: IBM has issued a pledge which allows 500 of their patents to be used in open source software. Not only is this fantastic for open source and a brilliant business move, but it would seem to signal the beginning of the end for software patents. IBM has invested a huge amount in the success of Linux and software patents are probably the biggest threat to Linux’s continued growth. At the same time, a large portion of IBM’s revenue comes from patent licensing so you’ll notice that this isn’t a complete rejection of patents.

North Korea wages war on long hair

In a campaign called, and I am not making this up, “Let us trim our hair in accordance with socialist lifestyle” North Korean government media outlets are encouraging men to
trim their hair short and reject western-style sloppy haircuts and dress. Offenders are photographed and named on TV and in newspapers and their employers are criticized for not policing their hairstyles more closely. [via William Gibson]

Does Linux Have Game?

Tom’s Hardware tackles the present and future of Linux gaming.

In fact, Linux driver development for graphics cards can even represent a more streamlined process than it is for Windows. “The problem with Windows is that there is so much different software out there and the quality varies, and any one piece of poorly written software can take down the whole system,” Triantos said. “Printer drivers, multimedia devices, and all the junk in the bottom right hand of your system tray with Windows all add up to lots of opportunities for someone to make mistakes. Linux doesn’t have all of those levels, but doesn’t have those risks as well.”