Album of the Week

I’ve got three albums for you this week to make up for last weeks absence. Your Rhapsody album is LCD Soundsystem’s eponymous album. We also have They Might Be Giants’ latest kids’ album Here Come the ABC’s, available as DRM-free MP3s at the TMBG store. This one’s not as adult-friendly as TMBGs last kids’ album, No!, but still has a few gems. Finally, I highly recommend the Grammy-winning, web-only Jazz album from Maria Schneider, Concert in the Garden, also available as DRM-free MP3s at two different bitrates.

Oh, what incredible irony

I’ve been reading Home Comforts and the author recommends some books on storage and organization. One of them was out of print but I found a used copy from an Amazon zShop and ordered it. Today I got this hilarious refund notice:

Item: Refund for Storage Made Easy: Great Ideas for Organizing Every Room
in Your Home
Refund: [$4.63]
Reason for refund: Other
Memo from seller: Sorry. I simply cannot find the book you ordered?

Well, I guess he either didn’t read the book or it didn’t work very well!

WordPress 1.5

It looks like WordPress 1.5 is out, although I don’t see an official announcement. I’ll be upgrading soon. Updated: Upgrade complete. Now to customize the theme so I don’t look like 10,000 other WordPress blogs out there.


The blogosphere’s response to Napster-to-Go has been highly negative but I’m not sure I agree with the criticism. Napster-to-Go isn’t a bad idea because it’s a “rental” model, it’s a bad idea because of the DRM. If you took out the DRM, Napster-to-Go would be just like the EFF’s collective licensing plan. Sure, under the EFF plan, you’d probably still own the music you’d downloaded if you stopped paying the licensing fee but EFF seems to assume that everyone will keep paying the licensing fee. So the two are functionally equivalent: pay a monthly fee and download all you want.