Why we overcommit

Psychologists are studying why we always think we’ll have more free time in the future.

Zauberman and Lynch continue, “People are consistently surprised to be so busy today. Lacking knowledge of what specific tasks will compete for their time in the future, they act as if new demands will not inevitably arise that are as pressing as those faced today.”

In short, the future is ideal: The fridge is stocked, the weather clear, the train runs on schedule and meetings end on time. Today, well, stuff happens.

Open Source: Not about TCO

Dan Lyke has a nice post about the real business advantage of open source.

If you’re really interested in innovating, you need to be building these capabilities not on the advice of some 24 year old who just graduated who’s been trained to be an Oracle consultant by parrotting their business process line, but on the hard-fought experience of your own company, and the wisdom of the people who’ve guided that company to its success.

And for that you need a software infrastructure that’s agile, you need to be able to get into the guts of the processes that make your company tick and be able to customize your computer systems heavily. And to do that you need in-house expertise able to reconfigure and add features to your software. You need to nurture these abilities so that a VP can walk down to the IT guys and say “I was wondering, what would happen if we…”.

Sun CTO: New License Protects Developer Rights

Sun continues to not get it when it comes to open source licensing. It’s nice to see that Sun’s competitors are getting their shots in:

“They will not be able to build a viable community to support Open Solaris if they use the CDDL,” Rovira said. “What they are saying to the community about their support for open source and Linux is that they are half pregnant.

“There are no half measures here: You either are or you aren’t. This is part of the schizophrenic attitude we continue to see coming out of Sun,” he said.

The one ray of hope here is that Sun really does seem to want to build a viable community around Open Solaris and just about everyone is telling them they can’t do it with the CDDL.