Backpack and Web-only GTD

37signals‘s new project planning/personal wiki app Backpack launched today and it’s prompted me to try a little experiment: I’m going switch from my regular productivity apps for one week and use all Web-based apps for my GTD setup. I’ll try to keep track of what works and what doesn’t and report back in a week. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Set up all my next actions on Tadalists.
  • Created a project page for this project on Backpack, I’ll create more for the rest of my projects.
  • Created a Jotspot page where I’ll keep personal notes.
  • Imported my calendar into Trumba.
  • Imported most of my mail into Gmail.
  • Took some screenshots of it all.

**Update:** I made my Backpack page for this project public.

8 thoughts on “Backpack and Web-only GTD”

  1. I’m curious — if you are using Backpack, why do you need JotSpot? What are your different applications? Likewise with Tadalists — doesn’t Backpack include all of the list functionality?

  2. I’d love to do it all in Backpack but the page limits are way too restrictive. I could probably manage my action lists and project pages with the 20 pages a Basic account provides but if I tried to use it as a Wiki and keep all my little notes there I think I’d fill up even the 500 pages a Premium account provides before too long. Jotspot doesn’t have any page limits as far as I know.

  3. I’d also suggest you beta at Very good for GTD.

    Combines many of the best features of Backpack and Trumba and then some.

    Enables networked calendaring, contact lists, to-do lists, web links and blogs. Users can access and update their info. from PC’s and — importantly — mobile phones.

  4. I actually don’t like the todo list interface in Basecamp as much, you can’t create a todo just by hitting Enter. Also, Tadalists just seems better suited for personal todo lists. Basecamp is probably great for shared, project-related todos.

  5. Hi Ben,

    You mention in your public Backpack page that in JotSpot you have “Display problems in Firefox on Linux”. Would you be kind enough to drop me a line with some more specifics so I can see if we can get that taken care of?

    Aside from our interface lacking snazzyness (which we’re working on, btw), do you have any other feedback/feature requests/wishes for JotSpot? We’re always listening!

  6. I am interested in your views. I gave up on Backpack after a few days. It is too restrictive (no photos) and too expensive to upgrade. I am testing JotSpot now.

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