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Bond’s Hit Mix

Bond’s Hit Mix:
A set of songs picked by Bond.
1. Four Seasons In One Day – Crowded House
2. Wish I Didn’t Miss You – Angie Stone
3. What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
4. If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix
5. She Wants To Move – N.E.R.D.
6. Just Like Water – Lauryn Hill
7. 1 Thing – Amerie
8. Galvanize – The Chemical Brothers
9. Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz
10. Breathe – Blu Cantrell
11. Shine – Bond (Pop)
12. Strange Paradise – Bond (Pop)

Supreme Court rules in Grokster v. MGM

The Supremes rule unanimously in favor of MGM, saying:

We hold that one who distributes a device with the object of promoting its use to infringe copyright, as shown by clear expression or other affirmative steps taken to foster infringement, is liable for the resulting acts of infringement by third parties.

As many people are noting, this isn’t as bad as it sounds. P2P apps are safe as long as their parent companies aren’t found to have actively induced infringement. Also, remember that this wasn’t the test that the entertainment industry wanted, they had argued that an active inducement test wouldn’t be sufficient and wanted the test to involve the extent to which a device was being used for infringement. Gigi Sohn of Public Knowledge spins this pretty strongly as at least a partial victory:

What this means is, in the absence of such clear expression or other affirmative acts fostering infringement, a company that provides peer-to-peer technology is not going to be secondarily liable under the Copyright Act.

Ones to Watch (June 2005)

Ones to Watch (June 2005):
Listen to this playlist of tracks from our June 2005 selection of emerging artists. Tasty!
1. Riot Radio – The Dead 60s
2. Get Off My Back – The Yards
3. Honey I Been Thinking About You – Jackie Greene
4. Emily Kane – Art Brut
5. Funny Little Feeling – Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers
6. A Different Age – The Dead 60s
7. The Devil Is Alive And Well And In DC – The Yards
8. Georgia – Jackie Greene
9. Modern Art – Art Brut
10. Lay Down And Die – Rock ‘N’ Roll Soldiers

My God Problem

Here’s an excellent article in which Natalie Angier takes scientists to task for having a double standard when it comes to religion and supernaturalism.

Consider the very different treatments accorded two questions presented to Cornell University’s “Ask an Astronomer” Web site. To the query, “Do most astronomers believe in God, based on the available evidence?” the astronomer Dave Rothstein replies that, in his opinion, “modern science leaves plenty of room for the existence of God . . . places where people who do believe in God can fit their beliefs in the scientific framework without creating any contradictions.” He cites the Big Bang as offering solace to those who want to believe in a Genesis equivalent and the probabilistic realms of quantum mechanics as raising the possibility of “God intervening every time a measurement occurs” before concluding that, ultimately, science can never prove or disprove the existence of a god, and religious belief doesn’t—and shouldn’t—”have anything to do with scientific reasoning.”

How much less velveteen is the response to the reader asking whether astronomers believe in astrology. “No, astronomers do not believe in astrology,” snarls Dave Kornreich. “It is considered to be a ludicrous scam. There is no evidence that it works, and plenty of evidence to the contrary.” Dr. Kornreich ends his dismissal with the assertion that in science “one does not need a reason not to believe in something.” Skepticism is “the default position” and “one requires proof if one is to be convinced of something’s existence.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Hit List

Lindsay Lohan’s Hit List:
The star of *Herbie Fully Loaded*, *Mean Girls* and more picks her favorite tracks.
1. Bring Em Out – T.I.
2. It’s Like That – Mariah Carey
3. Mr. Brightside – The Killers
4. Beverly Hills – Weezer
5. Little Red Corvette – Prince
6. Behind These Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson
7. Get Right – Jennifer Lopez
8. Get It Poppin’ (Featuring Nelly) – Fat Joe
9. Brighter Than Sunshine – Aqualung
10. Just Lose It – Eminem
11. One Word – Kelly Osbourne
12. How Will I Know – Whitney Houston
13. GO! – Common
14. Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz
15. Lonely No More – Rob Thomas