U.S. Copyright Office poll: IE-only OK?

The US Copyright Office wants to know whether [anyone minds][1] if part of their web site is usable only with Internet Explorer.

In its request for comments, the office made clear that it plans to support other browsers in the future. In an interview, an attorney with the office said that the sticking point was Siebel software that guaranteed compatibility with only selected browsers—including both IE and Netscape 7.02, a browser with negligible market share—in the current Siebel 7.7 software.

The Copyright Office said it planned to upgrade to Siebel 7.8, which supports Netscape 7.2, Firefox 1.0.3 and Mozilla 1.7.7, but not in time for the Oct. 24 launch.

Comments are due by August 22 and are accepted only via hand delivery, courier, or snail mail.

[1]: http://news.com.com/Copyright Office poll IE-only OK/2100-1038_3-5827627.html?part=rss&tag=5827627&subj=news