Rhapsody for Linux!

RealNetworks has [launched](http://news.com.com/RealNetworks moves Rhapsody to the Web/2100-1027_3-5980908.html?tag=nl) a revamped Rhapsody.com web site that allows web-based access to Rhapsody streams. The best part is that playback is accomplished through a browser plug-in that supports Linux and Mac in addition to Windows, making Rhapsody the first mainstream music service to support all three platforms. Other nice features of the new web site include RSS feeds, a web services API (coming soon), and the ability to link directly to artists and albums. Currently it looks like you can't link to playlists through the website or access your personal playlists or library. The web site also doesn't seem to know about the listening history you've accumulated with the Rhapsody client program, but overall I think this is a huge step forward for music services.