Neil Young’s Rebel Rock

Neil Young’s Rebel Rock:
Check out controversial cuts from Neil Young.
1. Let’s Impeach The President – Neil Young
2. Restless Consumer – Neil Young
3. Rockin’ In The Free World (Live Acoustic) – Neil Young
4. After The Garden – Neil Young
5. Helpless – Neil Young
6. Cortez The Killer – Neil Young/Crazy Horse
7. Birds – Neil Young
8. Flags of Freedom – Neil Young
9. Running Dry (Requiem For The Rockets) – Neil Young With Crazy Horse
10. Crime In The City (Sixty To Zero Part 1) – Neil Young
11. Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young With Crazy Horse
12. There’s A World – Neil Young
13. Looking For A Leader – Neil Young
14. Lookout Joe – Neil Young
15. Falling Off Of The Face Of The Earth – Neil Young
16. Silver & Gold – Neil Young
17. After The Gold Rush – Neil Young
18. America The Beautiful – Neil Young

How a patch becomes a driver

Over on Don Marti’s blog I’m being educated on how hardware vendors can get Linux drivers written, accepted into the kernel, and distributed to users in time for product releases. Don and kernel hacker Greg Kroah-Hartman are participating in [FreedomHEC]( next month to teach vendors about the process.

Microsoft’s trust problem, part 2

Samba creator takes stand in Microsoft case
>Once a year, he said, top software programmers from rival software companies from around the world gather at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, California, for what they term a “plugfest.”

>The engineers bring computers and the software programs they are working on and literally plug them together to see how their programs interoperate. “We work around the clock for a week. We torture our machines in the pursuit of interoperability,” he told a rapt courtroom.

>“Can you do this test with Microsoft?” Judge Cooke asked.

>“Yes, but they don’t turn up,” Tridgell said.

Microsoft’s trust problem

Microsoft exec calls for calm on OSS site
>But instead of playing the “hate Microsoft for being Microsoft” game, Parris cited a real-world example for his mistrust: In the late 1990s Microsoft threatened to pull Windows from the Republic of Korea if it was found guilty of antitrust allegations presented against it at the time. “Even when I call Microsoft an ‘economic terrorist’ [in a recent column] I don’t hate Microsoft. But I do hate its unethical conduct,” he said.

>That was a while ago, but open source devotees have long memories. And even with Hilf presented as a friendly face for open source, Parris said he believed it was all for naught because of the executives positioned above him in the Microsoft pecking order.

>”It’s a top-down problem, and if that doesn’t change, then anything else they do is just shooting in the wind,” he said. “Bill Hilf could be a great person with a sincere love for OSS and Linux, but the people he works for conduct themselves in an unethical manner.”

Album of the Week

The album of the week is Neil Young’s *Living With War*. The Jazz lovers should also check out the excellent [*Legends of Jazz with Ramsey Lewis Showcase*]( from the PBS series of the same name.

Barry Manilow’s Favorites

Barry Manilow’s Favorites:
Take a peak at Barry’s favorite albums; Dirty Vegas mingling with Elton John and Chet Baker.
1. Over The Rainbow – Judy Garland
2. Baby – Bebel Gilberto
3. She Was Good To Me – Chet Baker
4. Baby Plays Around – Curtis Stigers
5. Dirty Epic – Underworld
6. Days Go By – Dirty Vegas
7. Inside My Mind (Blue Skies) – Groove Armada
8. Stoned Soul Picnic – Laura Nyro
9. Your Song – Elton John
10. My Foolish Heart – Bill Evans
11. Devil May Care – Diana Krall
12. When October Goes – Barry Manilow
13. Something To Talk About – Bonnie Raitt
14. Bernie’s Tune – Chet Baker & Stan Getz
15. There’s A Small Hotel – Diana Ross and the Supremes
16. That Old Feeling – Gerry Mulligan

Lazyweb shut down

Ben Hammersley has shut down the Lazyweb after the plague of trackback spam became too much. I’ve been pretty annoyed by the spam their recently, too. I hope he will look into [Akismet]( or transfer the domain to someone willing to run the service.