Summer BBQ Playlist

Summer BBQ Playlist:
Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street. Screw dancing, let’s eat! Fire up that grill. It’s BBQ season.
1. Barbecue Blues – Barbecue Bob
2. Fire – Jimi Hendrix Experience
3. Barbecue Any Old Time – Brownie McGhee
4. Eat Steak – Reverend Horton Heat
5. Cheeseburger In Paradise – Jimmy Buffett
6. Hotdogs And Hamburgers – John Mellencamp
7. Buns O’plenty – Isaac Hayes
8. Hot Dog – The Archies
9. Bar-B-Q – ZZ Top
10. Cold Budweiser And A Sweet Tater – Joe Diffie
11. Texas Barbecue – Bela Fleck
12. Barbecue Bust – Blind Roosevelt Graves
13. T – Bone Steak – Jimmy Smith
14. Struttin’ With Some Barbecue – Louis Armstrong
15. Who Did You Give My Barbecue To? – Part 1 (80605) – Big Boy Teddy Edwards
16. Hot Dog Man – Lovin’ Sam Theard
17. Corn Licker & Barbecue – Part 2 – Fiddlin John Carson
18. Beans And Cornbread – Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five
19. Sam-The Hot Dog Man – Lil Johnson
20. Burger Man – ZZ Top
21. Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat) – The Detroit Cobras
22. First Bratwurst Of Summer – Those Darn Accordions!
23. Goin’ On Down To The Bbq – Stan Ridgway And Drywall

Bring Your Child to Work Day

Bring Your Child to Work Day:
1. Wake Up – Hilary Duff
2. Rollin’ (The Ballad Of Big & Rich) (Album Version) – Big & Rich
3. Axel F (Radio Mix) – Crazy Frog
4. North To Alaska – Johnny Horton
5. Yellow Submarine – Kidz Bop Kids
6. Things I’ll Never Say – Avril Lavigne
7. Natasha Dance – Chris De Burgh
8. Killer Klowns – The Dickies
9. Jesus Of Suburbia – Green Day
10. Beautiful Soul – Jesse Mccartney
11. Witch Doctor – Kidz Bop Kids
12. This Is Who We Are – Hawthorne Heights
13. Any Open Door – Travis Morrison
14. Tell Me When To Go [Featuring Keak Da Sneak] – E-40
15. Big Red Car – The Wiggles
16. Always Love – Nada Surf
17. Ms. New Booty (Edited Radio Shorter Version) (Radio Single) – Bubba Sparxxx
18. How Do You Like Me Now?! – Toby Keith
19. Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne
20. Hound Dog – Elvis Presley

Cory Doctorow Makes The Switch

Cory Doctorow is switching to Ubuntu! How many tech luminaries can Ubuntu rack up in the span of a few weeks? [Tim Bray]( is switching, too. Next Walt Mossberg will post a [glowing review]( and [Scoble]( will replace his Vista Beta install with [Dapper](

Broadcast Flag Through Commitee

Blech, the broadcast flag has made it through committee.
> As things stand now, the Senate Commerce Committee has decided we need a broadcast flag, but is leaning heavily against net neutrality. That’s just plain inconsistent. In the argument against legislating the tenets of network neutrality into law, its opponents make the case that federal regulation is unnecessary because it applies government regulation to technology instead of letting the markets sort the whole matter out. That is the line of reasoning followed by Sen. Stevens and other legislators who are leery of mandating net neutrality. At the same time, the senators are fully backing the broadcast flag, which would apply strict government regulations to technology. There’s one common thread here: the interests of big business. With the broadcast flag, big business is for heavy regulation. In the case of net neutrality, it’s not. At least we know where our lawmakers’ true interests lie.

Backstage Bonnaroo

Backstage Bonnaroo:
Your backstage pass to Bonnaroo: Rhapsody Radio interviews with your favorite ‘Roo artists.
1. Ben Folds Interview – Ben Folds
2. Ben Folds Shout Out – Ben Folds
3. One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces – Ben Folds
4. Les Claypool Interview – Les Claypool
5. Les Claypool Shout Out – Les Claypool
6. One Better – Les Claypool
7. Avett Brothers Interview – Avett Brothers
8. Talk On Indolence – The Avett Brothers
9. Brothers Past Interview 1 – Brothers Past
10. Brothers Past Shout Out – Brothers Past
11. Forget You Know Me – Brothers Past
12. Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars Interview – Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars

Essential Software

Updated: I keep a more current list on the wiki.

Now that Mark Pilgrim has switched to [Ubuntu]( he’s updated his essential software list. Here’s mine:

1. [Ubuntu](, Linux for human beings.
2. [Vim]( + [Markdown Vim Mode]( + [bufexplorer]( + [svncommand](, for people who don’t like taking their fingers off of home row.
2. [Nautilus File Manager]( Put Nautilus in spatial, tree-view mode and create some connections to remote servers you access regularly and you won’t know how you lived without it.
3. [Firefox]( + [Adblock]( + [Firebug]( + [Greasemonkey]( + [Gmail Smart-Delete Button]( + [mplayerplug-in]( I try to keep things simple.
4. [Gmail]( I still haven’t found any other web or desktop mail reader that has one-key archiving plus fast, indexed search, which is the killer Gmail combination.
4. [Google Reader]( I was using []( but it recently lost the essential feature of hiding read items.
4. [Backpack](, I’m [still]( keeping my life in here.
4. [GAIM]( GAIM has plugins? Who knew?
5. [gThumb]( Who needs camera software? I use a card reader and organize photos in good old-fashioned folders before uploading them to [Flickr](
6. [Rhythmbox](, mostly just for downloading podcasts.
7. [](, all-you-can-eat, Linux-compatible, DRM-free (I think) music streaming.
8. [Beagle](, fast, indexed desktop search.
9. [GNUCash]( It’s old and ugly but rock-solid and I have years of data in it.
10. [GNU Screen]( Run console apps detached! Do everything in a single terminal window! Impress your friends and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies!
10. [OpenSSH]( Kind of goes without saying.
10. [rsync]( + scripts based on [Mike Rubel’s]( for backups.

Album of the Week

The album of the week is Regina Spektor’s [*Begin to Hope*](