Essential Software

Updated: I keep a more current list on the wiki.

Now that Mark Pilgrim has switched to [Ubuntu]( he’s updated his essential software list. Here’s mine:

1. [Ubuntu](, Linux for human beings.
2. [Vim]( + [Markdown Vim Mode]( + [bufexplorer]( + [svncommand](, for people who don’t like taking their fingers off of home row.
2. [Nautilus File Manager]( Put Nautilus in spatial, tree-view mode and create some connections to remote servers you access regularly and you won’t know how you lived without it.
3. [Firefox]( + [Adblock]( + [Firebug]( + [Greasemonkey]( + [Gmail Smart-Delete Button]( + [mplayerplug-in]( I try to keep things simple.
4. [Gmail]( I still haven’t found any other web or desktop mail reader that has one-key archiving plus fast, indexed search, which is the killer Gmail combination.
4. [Google Reader]( I was using []( but it recently lost the essential feature of hiding read items.
4. [Backpack](, I’m [still]( keeping my life in here.
4. [GAIM]( GAIM has plugins? Who knew?
5. [gThumb]( Who needs camera software? I use a card reader and organize photos in good old-fashioned folders before uploading them to [Flickr](
6. [Rhythmbox](, mostly just for downloading podcasts.
7. [](, all-you-can-eat, Linux-compatible, DRM-free (I think) music streaming.
8. [Beagle](, fast, indexed desktop search.
9. [GNUCash]( It’s old and ugly but rock-solid and I have years of data in it.
10. [GNU Screen]( Run console apps detached! Do everything in a single terminal window! Impress your friends and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies!
10. [OpenSSH]( Kind of goes without saying.
10. [rsync]( + scripts based on [Mike Rubel’s]( for backups.

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