Ian and Nisha’s Asian Adventure

My friends Ian and Nisha are on a four month tour of Asia and are keeping a travel blog. Ian has been posting some nice photos to Flickr. Choice quote:

Sick of pedestrians stepping out in front of your car and making you stop or slam on the breaks? In Japan no one crosses a street without being at a crosswalk and having the walk light be on. Even if there are no cars around. Really. You would look like such a Jerk if you walked without the light, that even I don’t do it anymore (except for at 5 AM this morning, where is was really ridiculous. I did it, and I know that I have brought eternal shame down on me and my family, and it was worth it).

Universal Music DRM-free

Universal is the latest record company to try selling its music with no DRM. The music will be available through several music stores, but not iTunes, on a trial basis through January. Boing Boing says the files will be MP3s but the Times article doesn’t say anything about format.