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Ira Glass

“There was a day when I was in fifth grade when I was walking down the street with Sam Witten, who was the guy a little bit older who lived around the corner who I admired, who seemed more worldly. And I was trying to explain to him this problem I was having in thinking about how to talk to other people. And the problem was that… I was very aware that in different kinds of groups of people, I could talk to them in this way where they would open up to me and they would like me, but the person I was presenting them with was a very partial version of my self… And I couldn’t figure out, I kept turning it over and over in my head. Which was the real self? The one I was presenting to him? Or the one I was presenting to the tougher kids? Or the one I was presenting to my parents?” Feed interviews Ira Glass. Glass is host and co-producer of This American Life, one of my favorite radio shows.

So I’ve tried to change this page into a bit of a weblog but I’ve only managed to update it three times in the last month. Here are bunch of places that are doing a much better job than me: peterme is the first real personal weblog I encountered, Bud.Com is Justin Hall‘s community weblog, and My.Userland.Com is Dave Winer‘s meta-weblog.

When Steve Jobs left Apple he founded NeXT computers. They made NeXTStep, an especially well thought out and cool looking GUI. They opened up the NeXTStep architecture and renamed it OpenStep. Then they got bought by Apple. Many OpenStep concepts were incorporated in to Mac OS X Server. GNUstep is a free implementation of the OpenStep development kits for X windows. Window Maker is an X windows manager that tries to achieve some of the NeXTStep look and feel. I found this nifty introduction to the NeXTStep UI.