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  • Ben 1:23 pm on 10/25/2008 Permalink
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    Mark Shuttleworth’s notes on the GNOME Usability Hackfest with some interesting mockups.

  • Ben 6:52 am on 8/3/2008 Permalink  

    How to improve Free Software usability 

    Matthew Paul Thomas is back with an article about why Free Software has poor usability, with concrete suggestions for how to solve the problems. Thomas is an interaction designer who works for Canonical. You might remember his list of 69 usability problems in Ubuntu 5.04.

  • Ben 9:17 am on 4/24/2008 Permalink  

    Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition Released 

    The latest release of Ubuntu Linux has hit the download servers. One of the more exciting aspects of this release is that it contains a new installer that allows Windows users to install inside their Windows hard drive partition without repartitioning, so you can try it out with no risk to your existing system. Christer Edwards has some nice upgrade instructions.

  • Ben 1:17 pm on 2/28/2008 Permalink  

    Ubuntu Brainstorm 

    Ubuntu has launched Brainstorm, a Dell Ideastorm-like site where you can post Ubuntu feature requests and vote them up and down.

  • Ben 1:11 pm on 11/13/2007 Permalink  

    Open Source SimCity 

    A Linux port of the original SimCity source code is being open sourced for use on the One Laptop Per Child. There are already a couple of open source clones of SimCity for Linux, Lincity and LinCity-NG, but it’s nice to see the original game freed.

  • Ben 12:41 pm on 11/9/2007 Permalink  

    Google’s Phone Plans 

    It strikes me that the problem with Google’s open phone plans is that the carriers all still suck and are the opposite of open. Google should just buy one of the carriers and run it in a reasonable manner. If it turns out that you can’t make money running a high-quality, neutral network and being nice to your customers then they would still make up the difference by driving lots of traffic to their web apps.

  • Ben 5:06 pm on 10/23/2007 Permalink  

    Wanted: Unsupported Linux Devices 

    Greg Kroah-Hartman’s Linux Driver Project is an effort to connect a group of more than 300 volunteer Linux driver developers with hardware companies that need drivers written. Their problem: they can’t find enough unsupported devices to keep them busy. I’m pretty sure I have a few wireless cards at home that don’t work, so I’ll give those a try.

  • Ben 8:08 am on 10/18/2007 Permalink  

    Ubuntu 7.10 Released 

    The latest version of Ubuntu, 7.10, has hit the streets. This is the first version that I haven’t tried any of pre-releases for so I can’t wait to give it a spin. The new feature run-down is here.

  • Ben 11:36 am on 5/9/2007 Permalink  

    Jessamyn Installs Ubuntu 

    Jessamyn West installed Ubuntu on some library computers and made this cute video of it.

  • Ben 4:08 pm on 5/7/2007 Permalink  

    Dell Joins Microsoft and Novell Deal 

    Wow. Dell has managed to go from earning my undying loyalty one week, to making me question whether I should ever do business with them again the next. I made a Dell IdeaStorm idea for this, so go vote it up.

  • Ben 9:02 am on 5/1/2007 Permalink  

    Dell Pre-installs Ubuntu 

    Dell is set to start selling consumer-targeted desktop and laptops pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux at the end of the month. This is really fantastic news and I’ll probably order on day one, I just hope they offer some Latitudes.

  • Ben 12:22 pm on 4/3/2007 Permalink  

    Rushkoff Switches to Ubuntu 

    Author Douglas Rushkoff gets frustrated with Windows Vista, installs Ubuntu and loves it. I felt like quoting this entire post but I’ll restrain myself.

    Yes, I’m working on it right now, and it makes even the Mac OS seem like a forest of unnecessary gizmos. Linux is blazingly fast compared with Microsoft’s OS, utterly simple, complete with any application you can imagine and – more amazingly – based on an entirely different philosophy than Windows. There’s a spirit of abundance and transparency in this Linux universe. Need something, and you just grab it. Pay, if you like, what you like, when you’ve determined its of value to you.

  • Ben 2:51 pm on 2/20/2007 Permalink  

    Dell Ideastorm 

    Dell launched a new, Digg-like web site a few days ago called Dell Ideastorm. Users can submit ideas for new Dell products or services and have them voted up by the community. The idea with the most votes by far is pre-installed Linux, number two is pre-installed OpenOffice.org.

  • Ben 5:21 pm on 2/5/2007 Permalink  

    System76’s Darter Laptop 

    Linux laptop makers System76 have a new ultra-portable model that looks really hot. I’ve been thinking it’s about time for a new laptop and this thing is very tempting.

  • Ben 10:50 am on 12/4/2006 Permalink  

    Linux Phrasebook 

    Linux Journal has a sample chapter from Scott Granneman’s new book Linux Phrasebook, which looks like an introduction to the Linux command line only organized by task with lots of examples. I like this format because it’s how I try to keep my own notes on things I need to do. It’s also much easier than wading through man pages for the options you need.

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