Ian and Nisha’s Asian Adventure

My friends Ian and Nisha are on a four month tour of Asia and are keeping a travel blog. Ian has been posting some nice photos to Flickr. Choice quote:

Sick of pedestrians stepping out in front of your car and making you stop or slam on the breaks? In Japan no one crosses a street without being at a crosswalk and having the walk light be on. Even if there are no cars around. Really. You would look like such a Jerk if you walked without the light, that even I don’t do it anymore (except for at 5 AM this morning, where is was really ridiculous. I did it, and I know that I have brought eternal shame down on me and my family, and it was worth it).

Republican Robo-calling Scam

It seems like the political story of the day is automated voter-supression calls that Republicans are making to Democratic voters in states with close Congressional elections. The calls initially sound like they are on behalf of Democratic candidates and some people are called back 5-7 more times after they hang up. The mainstream media seems to be largely ignoring the story although it is a big story in the blogosphere and on [social media sites](http://www.reddit.com/).

Art Bell Threatens To Sue Rogers Cadenhead

Wow, people sure like to threaten Rogers Cadenhead with unfortunate lawsuits. First [Dave Winer](http://plasticboy.com/archives/2006/03/15/dave-winer-sends-legal-threats-to-rogers-cadenhead/) went after him, now conpsiracy radio show host Art Bell is threatening to sue over reader comments on Rogers’ blog.