Anime Boston

Marina and I went to Anime Boston this weekend and had a great time. Highlights for me were the Anime Music Videos, the MC Frontalot, Luv & Response, and Pillows concerts and all of the fantastic costumes. One staffer told us that they were expecting 16,000 attendees. I don’t know if they hit that number but there sure were a hell of a lot of people there. I’ll post some pictures later, there are already a ton on Flickr.

Pandemonium Books & Games T-Shirt Fundraiser

Pandemonium is an excellent sci-fi/fantasy book and game shop in Cambridge. They recently re-located from the Garage in Harvard Square to a larger location in Central Square. The move was lengthier and more expensive than anticipated which has left them in some dire financial straights. They’re running a shirt drive to stay afloat. There are two spiffy designs available for pre-order now with a new design coming each month.

Gardner Museum podcast

Boston’s excellent [Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum]( has a podcast of its classical music concerts. The sound quality is great, with occasionally too much background noise, and the performances sound good to my untrained ears. Highly recommended.

A Night at the Coop

Aaron Swartz spends a night sleeping in front of the Coop in Harvard Square.

>I made meticulous preparations. I took the bag and rolled it around in the dirt to scuff it up a big, so it didn’t stand out so much (this really didn’t do a whole lot, to be honest). Then I changed into sweatpants and a non-descript T-shirt. I left my shoes but put on a couple layers of socks, two subway fares and my keys. I buried the keys in a park by my house, spent one fare getting to Harvard Square, buried the other one inside Harvard, and then took my sleeping bag to a spot outside the Coop. The digital clock hovering over us read exactly 10:00.

New City of Boston Web Site

There is a new design for the City of Boston web site. I like it, but it [doesn’t validate]( I also think it’s funny that the three available font size selections are named “small”, “xsmall”, and “xxsmall”.