Anime Boston

Marina and I went to Anime Boston this weekend and had a great time. Highlights for me were the Anime Music Videos, the MC Frontalot, Luv & Response, and Pillows concerts and all of the fantastic costumes. One staffer told us that they were expecting 16,000 attendees. I don’t know if they hit that number but there sure were a hell of a lot of people there. I’ll post some pictures later, there are already a ton on Flickr.

The watering of Mike Daisey

Marina and I went to see Mike Daisey‘s monologue show a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Last week, a group of 87 Christian teens and their parents and teachers walked out of the show, apparently upset about the language. One of the adults poured water all over Daisey’s notes on the way out. The incident is all on video and worth watching, Daisey handles it pretty well. [via Boing Boing]

Pandemonium Books & Games T-Shirt Fundraiser

Pandemonium is an excellent sci-fi/fantasy book and game shop in Cambridge. They recently re-located from the Garage in Harvard Square to a larger location in Central Square. The move was lengthier and more expensive than anticipated which has left them in some dire financial straights. They’re running a shirt drive to stay afloat. There are two spiffy designs available for pre-order now with a new design coming each month.

Gardner Museum podcast

Boston’s excellent [Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum]( has a podcast of its classical music concerts. The sound quality is great, with occasionally too much background noise, and the performances sound good to my untrained ears. Highly recommended.

A Night at the Coop

Aaron Swartz spends a night sleeping in front of the Coop in Harvard Square.

>I made meticulous preparations. I took the bag and rolled it around in the dirt to scuff it up a big, so it didn’t stand out so much (this really didn’t do a whole lot, to be honest). Then I changed into sweatpants and a non-descript T-shirt. I left my shoes but put on a couple layers of socks, two subway fares and my keys. I buried the keys in a park by my house, spent one fare getting to Harvard Square, buried the other one inside Harvard, and then took my sleeping bag to a spot outside the Coop. The digital clock hovering over us read exactly 10:00.

McCoy Tyner on WGBH

WGBH will broadcast the opening concert of the [Beantown Jazz Fest]( with my favorite Jazz pianist, McCoy Tyner. It’s Friday night at 8.

New City of Boston Web Site

There is a new design for the City of Boston web site. I like it, but it [doesn’t validate]( I also think it’s funny that the three available font size selections are named “small”, “xsmall”, and “xxsmall”.