Rhapsody MP3 Store

Rhapsody has launched a DRM-free MP3 store. This is a big improvement. Previously, their MP3s were locked in a ghetto in the Windows desktop software. Prices seem to be $1 per album higher than Amazon, even for Rhapsody subscribers.

Amazon MP3 Downloader for Linux

Amazon MP3 now has a Linux version of their album downloader. It’s annoying (and puzzling) that music stores force you to use these proprietary downloaders instead of just pushing you the files in a zip or something, but at least they are supporting a lot of platforms.

Radiohead Web-only Album

Radiohead’s new album, In Rainbows, is only available as a DRM-free MP3 download from their web site. You get to choose how much to pay for it. Right now the album web site is very slow but they seem to have outsourced the payment process and download to someone who can handle the load.

Amazon MP3 Store

I think the jig is up for DRM-ed music. Amazon has launched their MP3 store with 2 million indie and major label tracks, all DRM-free. You can still beat the price at eMusic and Audio Lunchbox but you can’t beat the selection.

Rhapsody MP3s

Rhapsody is now selling DRM-free MP3s from Universal Music Group. Bizarrely, they are only available via the Windows-only desktop software, not the web site. On the plus side, they actually have one listing of all of the available MP3s, unlike the other stores selling the Universal MP3s. You still can’t search the MP3 offerings, though.

Wal-Mart MP3 Downloads

The Wal-Mart music store is now selling DRM-free downloads for 94 cents per track or $7.88 per album. They are 256 kbps CBR MP3s. Boing Boing reports that they were blocking non-Windows machines but I didn’t have any trouble buying an album from Linux.

Universal Music DRM-free

Universal is the latest record company to try selling its music with no DRM. The music will be available through several music stores, but not iTunes, on a trial basis through January. Boing Boing says the files will be MP3s but the Times article doesn’t say anything about format.