Blake Ross on Popup Suppression

Firefox cofounder Blake Ross very funnily relates the story of popup blocking in Netscape 7 in a guest appearance on the [Daily WTF](
>It’s hard for me to write a WTF, not because I can’t remember one, but because I remember too many. Netscape was one giant WTF, or as they called it back then, AOL. The company had grown so inept that “WTF” became just another thing we said each day, like “Hey” or “What time is it?” or “We just lost another 5%” or “Marketing wants to replace the Back button with an ad for Bowflex”.

The Daily Show affects young voters

A study found that watching *The Daily Show* might be causing low youth voter turnouts because viewers have a more cynical opinion of candidates and the political system. Ah, now I get it. Young people aren’t avoiding the polls because the candidates are low quality and the system is corrupt, they’re avoiding the polls because *The Daily Show* keeps *pointing out* that the candidates are low quality and the system is corrupt.